Utopía Neuquén
Utopía Neuquén

Why Utopia?

an imagined perfect place or state of things.
– origin the title of a book (1516) by Sir Thomas More, based on Gk ou ‘not’ + topos ‘place’.

Perhaps an ideal state where the human being stripped of their wickedness and selfishness to adhere to a common destination of solidarity, generosity and community enjoyment of the goods is not possible.

But from Utopia bet to change. We believe in small steps, in doing good deeds imitated and a future of greatness for our country.
Every day we help build, together with our clients identities and projects.

We believe that if we do well at all, it's going to get better at all. We therefore share our knowledge through the use of free software, a technology that gives us freedom. Freedom to create, share and improve. If your project requires a special tool, we can modify programs to achieve the desired results. And these changes may be useful to others.

We believe in the unique design. We like the colors, textures and shapes. We played with them to improve customer communication. We do not use templates, the identity of a company is unique.

Our customers are owners of the material we create a customer loyalty is earned, not imposed. Because we listen and give answers that they will return.

Utopia is the answer to a new form of work, principles and values. Respecting the other. Helping the other.

We invite you to be part of Utopia.

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